Precise Indoor Location System


IR-UWB (Impulse Radb Ultra-Wide-Band) signal is an extremely short impulse radio signal having a wide bandwidth of 500 MHz to 1 GHz in the frequency band of 3 to 7 GHz,. It is powerfully resistant to indoor multipath environments and has a strong penetration power for obstacles such as building walls.

The IR-UWB positioning system maintains its high accuracy positioning, taking pride on a distance accuracy of less than 30 cm. Depending on the application, you can use the TWR(Two way ranging) method, which is easy to construct, or the OWR(One way ranging) method, which enables high-speed positioning.

Features of WiFve's IR-UWB products

WiFive Inc. has IR-UWB location positioning technology (both OWR and TWR) and provides a complete solution including tags, anchors, and positioning servers.

The IR-UWB Positioning System of WiFive Inc. has a location error of less than 30cm and provides a range of options for radio coverage ranging from 30m to 150m.

IR-UWB system can be used for communication and it supports communication speed of 110 ~ 850Kbps.

IR-UWB positioning system set

IR-UWB system performance

Position accuracy: 30cm or less

Transmission range : 30~150m

Communication rate: 110~850kbps

Tracking speed | OWR : OWR : Max 500 nodes/sec, TWR: 80 nodes/sec



The positioning system of OWR type receives the unidirectional signal transmitted from the tag through a number of anchors, calculates the distance by measuring the time progression of the signal, and the position of the tag using the distance.

  • For accurate OWR positioning, the time synchronization between the anchor clocks must be precise. WiFive has developed a high-performance wired / wireless time synchronization technology.
  • The proprietary OWR positioning system developed by WiFive is an active RFID-based RTLS that can locate hundreds of tag nodes. (up to 500 nodes / sec).

Application fields: Sports game analysis system, RTLS for smart factory or logistics center, etc.


TWR type Positioning System

TWR-based positioning system calculates the distance between the tag and the anchors by measuring the round trip time of the signal and obtaining the position of the tag by taking the distance information of multiple anchors.

  • TWR offers an easy installation advantage because there is no need for time synchronization between anchors. On the other hand, because the tag needs to communicate with multiple anchors in order to find the distance, it provides a low positioning speed of about 80 nodes / sec.
  • WiFive has developed the TWR positioning system equipped with a multi-hop wireless positioning function and an infra-less wireless positioning function in order to cope with the application field with wide positioning work space or environment where the positioning infrastructure is not established .
TWR positioning system structure

Application fields : construction site, large-scale plant / military positioning terminal, disaster area manpower and mobile equipment