WiFi/BLE Indoor LBS

WiFi/BLE Indoor LBS

WiFive Inc. has developed a proprietary beacon CLOBER™ that utilizes its proprietary time-division multi-directional WiFi/BLE beacon positioning technology. CLOBER™ enables more accurate positioning than conventional BLE beacons and allows you to know the direction of your movement.


Cross-shape Location BEacon Radio

CLOBER™ is a new concept position measuring beacon developed by WiFive Inc. to measure the precise position of smartphone users indoors. The multi-directional antennas on the CLOBER™ Beacon transmit different signals in different directions, and your smartphone can accurately determine your position and direction after receiving them.

– Unlike conventional beacon technology, which simply measures distance, CLOBER™ Beacon is a device that can detect high-precision positions and directions with accuracy of less than 3m using a multi-directional beacon.

– We provide a CLOBER™ scanner that enables bi-directional communication with the same structure as CLOBER™ for services that require information processing sent from a smartphone.

Signal strength at user location, according to antenna direction

the user’s position can be found by measuring the signal strength of CLOBER’s multi-directional antenna, and you can detect the moving direction by using continuous position data.

In shaded areas where CLOBER ™ signals are weak or not received, you can use technologies that provide position data using PDR (pedestrian) or 3D DR (vehicle) technology.

With CLOBER™ and the digital navigation map server, you can display your location precisely on the map and provide various indoor LBS.

CLOBER™ Performance and Specifications

Position accuracy: 3m or less

Signal acquisition ratio during movement: 99% or more

Moving direction detection at intersection: 99% or more

Signal transmission interval: 10 ~ 1000ms Variable

Frequency band: 2.4GHz

Positioning method| Wi-Fi CLOBER™ : Time division multiple direction beacon / BLE CLOBER™ : Multi-directional beacon

Transmission range | Wi-Fi : 10 ~ 50m / BLE : 10-30m

CLOBER™ Beacon Hardware Size (Diameter) : 160mm

Power consumption : 1W or less

Power : 5V DC


Smartphone-based LBS solution for indoor parking lot

WiFive's smartphone-based indoor parking facilities LBS solution can identify the location of a vehicle entering an indoor parking facility, and based on this, it can guide the vehicle to an available parking space or automatically inform the parking location of the parked vehicle. Currently, finding-my-car service, parking route guidance service and Vehicle Access Control Service are being provided.


Smartphone-based LBS solution for indoor pedestrians

WiFive's smartphone-based LBS solution for indoor pedestrian navigation function enables smartphone users to accurately grasp the user's location by using CLOBER™ in indoor spaces such as large marts and department stores, withal, providing the user with the location-based. Currently WiFive is providing LBS solutions such as the shopping assistant service and building access control services for indoor pedestrians.