Vehicle Access Control Service (in conjunction with Parking access control system)

This service based on BLE CLOBER™ scanner provides easy access to the parking facility’s entrance gate, using the driver's smartphone and provides an easy way for the administrator to monitor vehicle traffic.

The vehicle access control service operates as follows.

① Automatic app launch and Bluetooth auto power control

When your smartphone detects the Wi-Fi CLOBER ™ signal at the parking facility’s doorway, it automatically launches the app and activates the Bluetooth on the device, if off.

② Access control of entrance

The information such as the ID transmitted from the Vehicle driver’s smartphone is checked by the access management server and passes easily through the parking entrance gate without a separate remote control terminal. When remote from theAs it moves further away from the door, the Bluetooth is restored to its original state and the application is closed.

③ Access status monitoring

Access status can be transferred to the server and monitored by the control room and security office.