Shopping assistance service

By detecting the indoor location of customers at stores , it offers, routes to stores and products, various other additional information on shopping (information on nearby discount products, mobile coupons, etc.). Store managers can be provided with information on customer purchase and traffic patterns for an improved store operation management.

The shopping assistant service works as follows

① Product information and shopping list

Customers can select the items they want to purchase, store them in the smartphone app, and can be informed of the location of products when they visit the stores. Sellers can use customer’s product list information to analyze customer information and recommend products based on them.

② Voucher Information and mobile vouchers

When a customer searches for a product, it notifies on available coupons for the specific product, then issues a mobile voucher upon request, to. Be stored in the smartphone. Lastly it applies the voucher on the product.

③ Identify customer location

Locate your customers using Wi-Fi CLOBER™ beacon-based indoor positioning technology.

④ Walking directions to shopping cart items

From the product list stored in the shopping cart, we provide walking route guidance services from the customer’s location to the nearest merchandise store. If there is a promotional item of the same type as the one selected by the customer, the customer is informed as he approaches the store and display alternatives.

⑤ Event Notification

When your location is near the store offering the discount and events, the smartphone alerts you with the details of the store..

The following services are available to assist the seller :


By providing customers’ location and respective routes, it generates different ways to improve store operation management, from customizing the layout of the stores, analyzing customer’s purchasing patterns and traffic.

② Provide customer’s purchase pattern information

By providing a shopping cart database of registered customers, we can analyze the purchase patterns and preferred products of various customers with their data, from age, gender, generating product recommendation based on that analysis and from their visits to stores.

System Specifications

User’s location: location by node

User location detection rate: 99% or more

Optimal route from user location to destination location calculation speed: 1sec  or less

Discount information available : 1sec or less

Service Features

Low cost of deployment

  • Self-developed Wi-Fi CLOBER™ beacon reduces installation and maintenance costs.

Inducing customer traffic

  • Based on the visitor’s location, customized traffic route using promotional items and store reminders

All shopping mall-apps are compatible

  • Self-developed solutions allow you to mount our services into smartphone apps of shopping malls.

Function Expandability

  • New LBS features can easily be added through the smartphone app.