Parking route guidance service (in conjunction with parking guidance system)

It is a service that provides real-time parking situation to the driver's smartphone in conjunction with parking guidance system server and guides the driving route from the indoor parking lot to the parking space to help the parking in the complex parking lot quickly and conveniently.

Parking route guidance service operates as follows.

① Autorun for Apps and auto power control for Bluetooth [Android device]

When your smartphone detects Wi-Fi CLOBER™ signal at the entrance of a parking facility, it automatically launches the app and activates the Bluetooth device if turned off.

② Provide Parking Traffic Status

Parking guidance system server transmits the available parking space information to the smartphone in real time, for the user to monitor it from a smartphone.

③ Parking space search and route calculation based on user’s choice

Based on the user’s choices, the route to the nearest parking space from current location, the nearest parking space from the building’s entrance, and convenient parking facilities with available space are calculated.

④ Checking the position of my car while driving

By the BLE CLOBER ™ beacon-based indoor positioning technology, the user’s vehicle position is detected during the driving to guide the user to the empty parking space.