Smartphone-based LBS solution for indoor parking lot

WiFive's smartphone-based indoor parking facilities LBS solution can identify the location of a vehicle entering an indoor parking lot using CLOBER™, and based on this, it can guide the route to an empty parking space or automatically inform the parking location of the parked vehicle.

Currently, the finding-my-car service, parking route guidance service and Vehicle Access Control service are being provided.

LBS solution for indoor parking facilities


Finding-My-Car Service

The smartphone automatically saves the parking position when the car is parked without the hassle of remembering the parking location each and every time. When departing, it informs the location of the parked vehicle automatically and guides the driver to it.

Parking route guidance service

It is a service that provides real-time parking traffic situation status to the driver’s smartphone in conjunction with parking guidance system server and guides the driving route from the indoor parking lot to the parking space to assist in making the parking experience a little less complex, more quick and more convenient.

Vehicle Access Control Service

This service provides easy access to the parking facility’s entrance gate using the vehicle driver’s smartphone and provides an easy way for the administrator to keep track of vehicle traffic.

System Specifications

Position accuracy: 3m or less

Vehicle position information per block

Vehicle location detection rate: 99% or more

Parking detection recognition rate: 99% or more

Beacon auto detection rate: 99% or more

Provide route to empty parking space : 1 second  or less

Parking space renewal speed (sec): 1 second or less

Intersection and main point Beacon installation interval: 20m ~ 40m

Service features

Low cost of deployment

  • It is possible to utilize the CLOBER ™ beacon and scanner, service at a large indoor parking facility, with only a small number of beacons, withal saving on installation and maintenance costs.
  • Unlike the existing BLE positioning service that requires a separate vehicle terminal, WiFive’s LBS solution doesn’t since it utilizes a smart phone device./li>

Convenient Automation Service

  • When the WiFi CLOBER ™ signal is detected at the entrance of the parking lot, the smartphone app will run automatically and you do not need to operate it yourself while behind the wheel.
  • When the driver starts to walk away after parking, the location of the parked vehicle is automatically saved.
  • Unlike the existing image-based finding-car service, which requires you to check the parking location in a separate kiosk, WiFive’s finding-my-car service operates automatically using your smartphone.

All parking guidance systems can be interlocked

  • Self-developed solutions allow for integration with existing parking guidance systems.

Function Expandability

  • New LBS features can easily be added through the smartphone app.