Building access control system

Based on Wifive's BLE CLOBER Scanner, It is a service that allows the pedestrian to easily access the entrance of apartments or workplaces by using their smartphones and allowing the manager to easily monitor the traffic of people.

The Building access control system operates as follows.

① Automatic app launch and Bluetooth auto power control

When your smartphone detects signal from Wi-Fi CLOBER™ which installed at at the top of the public entrance, it automatically launches the app and activates the Bluetooth from the device if off.

② Entrance Access Control

The information such as the ID transmitted from the pedestrian’s smartphone is checked by the access management server and going through the access point easily without having to use a separate touch key or door lock password. As you move away from the door, the Bluetooth is restored to its original state and the application is closed.

③ Access control management

Access status can be transferred to the server and monitored by the situation room and security office.

System specification

Signal detection distance : 20m

Entrance door control distance : 10m

Processing speed   : 1 sec or less

User access detection rate : 100%

Service features

Low cost of deployment

  • By using CLOBER™, the installation and maintenance costs are reduced.

Automation system

  • Unlike conventional access control services that require a separate touch key or a cumbersome door lock password entry, the access control service of WiFive is operates automatically by using a smartphone.
  • Access is convenient, regardless of the user carrying a load of baggage or being physically limited.

Low cost, high efficiency access control

  • You can save unnecessary administrative labor costs.
  • Remote access management and control are available.