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WiFive Inc. provides smart phone-based indoor LBS solutions for indoor parking facilities location services, parking route guidance service, and parking facility access management service. In addition, we have an indoor LBS solution for pedestrians based on smartphones such as shopping assistance for pedestrians and access control for public doors. In addition, it has high-precision trajectory measurement based on Carrier-Phase GPS and various positioning technologies based on UWB.

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Smartphone-based LBS solution for indoor parking facilities

Using your smartphone and CLOBER™, you can identify the position of the vehicle as it enters the indoor parking space and either direct you to an empty parking space or automatically indicate where it was parked.

Finding-My-Car Service

The smartphone automatically saves the parking position when the car is parked without the hassle of remembering the parking location each time. At the time of departure, it informs the location of the parked vehicle automatically and guides the driver to the vehicle.

Parking route guidance service

It is a service that delivers real-time indoor parking navigation functionality to the driver’s smartphone in conjunction with the parking guidance system server, it offers a guide to an available parking space within the facility, to offer a quicker and more convenient parking experience.

Vehicle Access Control Service

This service provides easy access to the parking facilities’ entrance gate using the driver’s smartphone and provides an easy way to keep track of vehicles.

Smartphone-based indoor LBS solution for pedestrians

This technology enables smartphone users to accurately grasp the user's location using CLOBER ™ in indoor spaces such as large marts and department stores, and to provide various location-based services such as product location guidance on smart phones.

Shopping assistance and route guidance service

Through the accurate indoor positioning functionality of customers visiting the store, offers a guide to different stores and products, as well as providing additional shopping information(information on nearby discount products, mobile coupons, etc.). Store managers can be provided with the information on customer purchase patterns and movement patterns for better store operation management.

Building access control system

It is a service that allows the pedestrian to easily access the entrance of a building by using the smartphone and allow the manager to easily check the access status.

UWB terminal based high precision indoor positioning solution

The IR-UWS positioning system provides highly accurate indoor positioning and provides distance accuracy within tens of centimeters. We have both the TWR (Two Way Ranging) method that is easy to build and the OWR (One Way Ranging) method which can be used for high-speed positioning. We provide a total solution that includes all three tag, anchor and positioning servers.

RTLS (Real Time Location System)

It is an active RFID type RTLS that can locate hundreds of tag nodes, and it is capable of high-speed positioning up to 500 nodes / sec.

Multi-hop positioning system

It is a system that can provide varied positioning services without disconnecting to the wireless link between the tag terminal and the server even when it covers a larger workspace.

Infra-less positioning system

It is a system that provides location information services even under a dynamic situation using a mobile anchor technology such as when immediate positioning is demanding, e.g. wartime and disaster emergencies.

High precision GNSS receiver and convergence system

WiFive's high-precision GNSS receiver and convergence system is a precision Carrier-Phase GPS/GNSS positioning technology that improves the positioning accuracy of existing GPS/GNSS satellite navigation receivers. It can be used for applications that require high precision navigation on the move, such as entry-level autonomous vehicles, unmanned drones, unmanned autonomous vehicles.

High-Precision Carrier Smoothed GNSS / DR Technology

A CSGNSS / DR receiver provides precise trajectory accuracy with an error of less than 30 cm using a carrier phase. It can continuously provide accurate position information even in areas where signals are not received.

On-The-Move RTK GNSS/DR Receiver

WiFive’s OTM-RTK GNSS receiver can provide precise positioning by determining the integer ambiguities of carrier phase within 10 seconds on the move using dual frequency of multiple satellite navigation signals (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo). Using VRS technology, it provides high precision position information within 20 ~ 30cm in real time.

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