Specialized in Positioning Solutions, WIFIVE

WiFive Inc. is an R & D-oriented company that has brought new technologies such as indoor positioning system (IPS) and precision GPS technology, into a more effective-advanced state. We have developed technologies to overcome the problems of existing indoor and outdoor positioning technologies and have differentiated new technology from the already existing ones.

Especially, we are actively promoting research and development centered on innovative technologies such as smartphone-based indoor LBS for pedestrian and car, UWB-based real-time location tracking system (RTLS) service, and high-precision location service based on GPS.

Research & Development

As a company that aims attention at research and development, we develop and possess proprietary positioning solutions rather than a simple combination / application of existing technologies. Through this, we have registered a large number of patents and have succeeded in attracting a large number of projects and investments in recognition of this technology.

Most of our employees are experts in the positioning field, and we continue to develop innovative products through various research and development.


Total Solutions

Through our accumulated technology, we have developed positioning technologies in various fields such as Wi-Fi, BLE, GPS / GNSS and IR-UWB. We have succeeded not only in the development of modules for location tracking technologies, but also in developing various applications that are actually serviceable. As such, WiFive has various positioning solutions that can accommodate any environment, and continues to perform various tests at a commercialization level.


Customer Centric

WiFive inc. is specialized in R & D. However, instead of only focusing on technology development , we take into account the needs of our customers. . In advancing our own positioning solutions, we are developing user-oriented technologies that take consider the needs of actual customers through partnerships with navigation companies, marts, and construction companies. Through this continuous cooperation, we will strive to provide the necessary positioning high-tech for our customers.

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What we do

High quality positioning products

  • WiFi/BLE indoor LBS

  • IR-UWB precise indoor location system

  • High precision GNSS receiver


Various positioning solutions

  • Shopping assistance and route guidance service
  • Finding-My-Car Service
  • Parking route guidance service
  • Vehicle Access Control Service
  • Building Access Control System
  • RTLS for smart factories and logistics centers
  • Positioning service in the construction site or large factories
  • Location tracking service in disaster areas
  • LDWS

$ 2,850,000

Investment amount